Words and Pictures

VAP 2020-Q4

Artists and writers featured: Hannah Antalek, Georgina Arroyo, Cole Bourgeois, Hanna Brody, Fiona Buchanan, Alley Horn, Jennifer Mawby, Sara Minsky, Gabriella Moreno, Qinza Najm, Sophia Reed, Iván Sikic, Tracy Szatan, and Peter Tresnan.

Anahoros. 2019. Tracy Abbott Szatan’s video and glass installation that I shall describe and use as a lens (preemptive pun
Alley Horn in conversation with Gabriella Moreno. It’s 7:01pm Eastern on August 3, 2020 when I hop into my Zoom
Using embroidery, photography, drawing, and memory, Sara Minsky engages in a conversation with her past. Minsky sits down with her
Qinza Najm is an interdisciplinary artist with a practice rooted in her background as a Psychologist studying interpersonal relationships. In
An extended interview with Brooklyn artist Georgina Arroyo and artist and writer Hanna Brody. H.B.: Let’s get started by you
In a recent exchange, I was able to get a sense of the work Peter Tresnan has currently been making
The first time I talked to Fiona Buchanan about her work we considered the luxury of ugly painting. The second
When we were kids, my younger sister used to hide things between her mattress and her box spring. Invariably, the
Alley Horn’s drawings, pastels and paintings pull us into personal spaces, into moments of intimacy and moments of silence —
The work of Cole Bourgeois constitutes an investigation into intimacy, utilizing color, space, and the energy as co-conspirators. In her
The vantage point of Jennifer Mawby’s paintings cast the viewer as voyeur. The subject of our gaze is obstructed, we
To address greed and oppression tactfully through art even once is no small feat. Greed and oppression are entwined within
Sophia Reed’s most recent work is an invitation to interrogate timelines. Looking at narratives that sit at the center of
The first impression I had of Hanna Brody’s recent watercolour portraits was the innate curiosity and generosity required to capture